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The Soul of Wind is music label for a large variety of Music. We provide the best services to the pianist, musician, artist. We always welcome you to join our music label! -------------- For Audience: - Our Channel is A Wonderland for Beautiful Piano Music, Relaxing Music, Anime Music, Fantasy RPG, New Age Music . . . also other type of music - Listening and feeling. Becoming a part of Dream land. -------------- For Artists: ►Distribution: - For Release your music on music platform: Itunes, Spotify, Amazon . . . Please Contact Us at: ►Music Promotion: If you want to submit a request to promote your music on our channel : - Send us a mail at: - Contact us on the Facebook -------------- Feel free to contact us if anything is wrong: Adding any kind of information which belongs to a the video we've uploaded (missing information of the music or visual.) © 2022 The Soul of Wind

"Relaxing Music" "Piano Music" "Deep Sleep Music" "Rain Sounds" "Lofi Rain" "Meditation Music" BGM "Stress Relief Music" Insomnia "Relaxing Sleep Music" "Beautiful Relaxing Music" "Piano and Rain" Relaxation "Soothing Relax" "lofi for relax" "beats to sleep" Piano "Rain Sounds for Sleep" "Thunder Rain Sounds" "Sleep Instantly" "Lofi Study" "Lofi Sleep" "Rain to Sleep" "Rain Sounds Lofi" "Healing Music" 빗소리 "편안한 음악" "수면 음악" リラックス音楽 睡眠用BGM "The Soul of Wind"

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