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LIVING | Official Trailer (2022)


LIVING is the story of an ordinary man, reduced by years of oppressive office routine to a shadow existence, who at the eleventh hour makes a supreme effort to turn his dull life into something wonderful. DIRECTED BY: Oliver Hermanus WRITTEN BY: Kazuo Ishiguro STARRING: Bill Nighy, Aimee Lou Wood, Alex Sharp, Tom Burke #LIVING #OfficialTrailer #SonyClassics #BillNighy #AmyLouWood

LIVING | Teaser Trailer (2022)


LIVING is the story of an ordinary man, reduced by years of oppressive office routine to a shadow existence, who at the eleventh hour makes a supreme effort to turn his dull life into something wonderful. #Living #TeaserTrailer #SonyClassics

Living - Official Trailer - In Cinemas November 4th


▶ Living - Official Trailer – In Cinemas November 4th ▶ Starring: Bill Nighy, Aimee Lou Wood, Alex Sharp, and Tom Burke ▶ Directed by: Oliver Hermanus LIVING is the story of an ordinary man, reduced by years of oppressive office routine to a shadow existence, who at the eleventh hour makes a supreme effort to turn his dull life into something wonderful – into one he can say has been lived to the full. 1953. A London shattered by WWII is still recovering. Williams (Bill Nighy), a veteran civil servant, is an important cog within the city’s bureaucracy as it struggles to rebuild. Buried under paperwork at the office, lonely at home, his life has long felt empty and meaningless. Then a shattering medical diagnosis forces him to take stock – and to try and grasp fulfilment before it goes beyond reach. At a seaside resort, chaperoned by a local decadent (Tom Burke), he flirts with hedonism before rejecting it as his solution. Back in London he finds himself drawn to the natural vitality of Margaret (Aimee Lou Wood), a young woman who once worked under his supervision and is now determined to spread her wings. Then one evening he is struck by a revelation – one as simple as it is profound – and with a new energy, and the help of Peter (Alex Sharp), an idealistic new recruit to his department, he sets about creating a legacy for the next generation. #LivingFilm #LivingMovie ▶ Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 ▶ Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Like us on Facebook: 🤍 ▶ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍

Slow Living | 5 Tips to Create More Balance in your Life


A big thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring today's video! The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: 🤍 🌱 Get more videos & support my work: 🤍 🌱 Recommended videos: » How I became confident: 🤍 » 10 Types of self care: 🤍 What is balance, and how can we achieve it? How does leading a balanced life and engaging in self care activities tie in with slow living? And how can I do the dancer pose and keep standing for more than 5 seconds? 😅 Let's talk about it! Lots of love, 🌼 Vera VIDEO CHAPTERS What is balance? 0:00 Sponsorship: Learning with Skillshare 1:07 Resilience 2:30 Work-life balance 5:12 A balanced view of yourself 7:13 Stress management 8:30 How to make time for self care 11:30 How I find balance in my life 13:33 FIRST TIME HERE? Welcome. This is a place where you can get weekly tips and inspiration for living a simpler, happier and calmer life. With this channel, I want to give everyone the opportunity to take a little break, to get inspired and to take care. We deserve to. Thank you for joining our community and subscribing, feel free to say hi if you’d like! STAY IN TOUCH WITH ME » Subscribe: 🤍 » Patreon: 🤍 » Website: 🤍 » Twitter: 🤍 » Free newsletter: 🤍 SIMPLE HAPPY ZEN’S EBOOKS & COURSES: » Declutter your home – The ultimate ebook: 🤍 » Slow Living 30-day course: 🤍 » Simplify Your Life full online course: 🤍 MY FREE RESOURCES » 7-Day Simplify your life challenge: 🤍 » Capsule wardrobe guide: 🤍 » Simple Happy Zen minimalist phone wallpapers: 🤍 RELATED VIDEOS TO WATCH NEXT » Self care habits to feel better: 🤍 » Self care for fall and winter: 🤍 » Slow living tips for busy people: 🤍 HOW I MAKE MY VIDEOS: » All my filming gear & software: 🤍 » My music (great for YouTubers): 🤍 / Get 1 month for FREE using this link * ALL MY VIDEOS HAVE ENGLISH CLOSED CAPTIONS. Feel free to select them in the settings menu if you’d like. COMMENT POLICY: Let’s keep the comments section friendly. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. However, hurtful or disrespectful comments that don’t have anything to do with the topic of the video will be deleted. The links that are mentioned above with an asterisk are affiliate links. When you use them, they help to support me and my channel through a small commission, at no extra costs to you of course. :) This video is sponsored and contains paid promotion.

Living in A HIDDEN ELEVATOR ROCK Base in Rust


Claim your Daily RUSTCLASH free case and rake back now: 🤍 "Living in A HIDDEN ELEVATOR ROCK Base in Rust" So the idea was having a base on a rock with no access to it other than the elevator. Un raidable? Who knows, but it was definitely hidden. If you enjoyed the video make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!! I read all comments and respond to most. So say hi! :D - ↓ Follow ME ↓ ▶ Twitch - 🤍 ▶ Twitter- 🤍 ▶ Discord- 🤍 ▶ Patreon - 🤍 ▶SERVERS - 🤍 - ▶ SPECS: CPU: Intel i9-9900K GPU: RTX 3080 RAM: 64GB SSD: 860 EVO 1TB SSD: 970 EVO 2TB HDD: 4TB - ▶ MUSIC: 🤍 ▶ Thumbnail Artist 🤍 #rust #rustpvp #rustsolo

20 FASCINATING Scientific Facts in the Bible!


Since the Bible is God’s Word, it’s no wonder that it’s filled to the brim with fascinating scientific facts that humans often discovered hundreds, if not thousands, of years later. These 20 scientific facts from the Bible will amaze you! Visit 🤍 for more information on the Coronation Outreach - Operation London. Check out The Living Waters Podcast: 🤍 Visit 🤍 to view more free Christian videos, articles, and to get tracts and other resources by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team. FACEBOOK Living Waters: 🤍 Ray Comfort: 🤍 INSTAGRAM Living Waters: 🤍 TWITTER Living Waters: 🤍 Ray Comfort: 🤍 Receive weekly updates about fresh articles, videos, and audios, as well as new resources, special discounts, and upcoming events: 🤍

Living Alone in the Forest | Everything’s About to Change!


Head to 🤍 for a 14 day free trial & save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code INDIEPROJECTS. READ OUR EBOOK! 🤍 Join us on Patreon (early videos and more!): 🤍 🎵Enjoyed the music in this video? Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 FOLLOW US! ↠ Instagram: 🤍 ↠ Facebook: 🤍 ↠ Twitter: 🤍 SHOP: 🤍 BLOG: 🤍 Work with us: indieprojects🤍 *We use affiliate links which we earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. We use these funds to feed our cat, who demands an abundance of cat soup (yes that’s a real thing!) Theo and Bee gave up their busy city lifestyles in 2014 to explore alternative living, and have lived in vans and boats since then without looking back! Along with their cat Ginjey Bear they have been driving around the world in their self converted Sprinter van. However, when the global pandemic hit they began converting their abandoned stone barn in Central Portugal to turn into a wonderful tiny stone cottage. Along the way, they have rescued a playful cat called Furrnando and have a wonderful flock of Chickens!

The REAL Reason For High Grocery Prices!


We have been talking about rising prices and inflation, but is inflation the whole story? Today we'll be talking about the real reason people pay too much for groceries and how to fix it! 👍 25% Off NOW 👍❤️ Quick and Easy Recipes! ❤️ Dining On A Dime Cookbooks 🤍 Order our yearly planners here! 🤍 100 Crockpot Recipes eBook Bundle (FREE with code CROCKPOT through Friday 2/3) 🤍 Get the free Practical Stockpile e-Cookbook here 🤍 Find our digital price book here 🤍 Request A Free Bible Here 🤍 If you’d like to support our show while getting things you already buy, check out our recommended items at Amazon: Our Amazon Store 🤍 When you order something from Amazon with the above links, a small portion goes to us, and we use it to bring you more recipes tips and ideas! Thanks for your support! Free e-Mail Newsletter: 🤍 OUR FACEBOOK! 🤍 OUR PINTEREST! 🤍 Follow us on Instagram 🤍

The Art of Effortless Living (Taoist Documentary)


The Art of Effortless Living is a documentary based on the traditional philosophy and essential teaching of Taoism. The practice of nondoing, nonforcing is the essential aspect of Taoism known as wu-wei. Attributed to the great sage Lao-tzu, the philosophy of wu-wei teaches you how to develop a natural state of consciousness not bound by thought or preconceived limitations. Experienced by the greatest artists, athletes, musicians, and writers, this heightened state of consciousness, referred to as "being in the zone," is where intelligent spontaneity and effortless action flourish via a practice rooted in permitting the natural harmony of the cosmos to prevail. Essentially, how to live life effortlessly. Wu-wei can yield a renewed sense of trust in many aspects of your daily life, making each day more effortless. The Art of Effortless Living provides keen insight on how you can experience the beauty of achieving an enlightened, effortless mind while reveling in the process of life's unfolding. SUBSCRIBE 🤍 for new videos every week SUPPORT MY WORK Patreon 🤍 Paypal 🤍 MY BOOKS Spiritual Freedom in the Digital Age 🤍 Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance 🤍 Effortless Living 🤍 Fasting the Mind 🤍 Enlightenment Now 🤍 The Science and Practice of Humility 🤍 PRIVATE CONSULTATION 🤍 MERCHANDISE 🤍 MY CAMERA GEAR Main Camera 🤍 Main Lens 🤍 Microphone 🤍 Tripod 🤍 FOLLOW ME Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Facebook Personal Page 🤍 Facebook Like Page 🤍 LinkedIn 🤍 Amazon Author Page 🤍 Goodreads Author Page 🤍 THE JASON GREGORY PODCAST AUDIO Spotify 🤍 Apple Podcasts 🤍 Google Podcasts 🤍 Anchor 🤍 MY WEBSITE 🤍 Disclaimer: Jason Gregory is an Amazon Associate member. The Amazon links in this description are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Jason will earn a very small commission on qualifying purchases you make, at no additional cost to you. This goes a tiny way towards defraying the costs of making these videos.

Living Alone Diaries | Back in NYC, adulting, waking up at 5 am and actually being productive!


Hi everyone! I'm finally back in NYC after weeks of travel and I'm getting back into my normal routine. This past week I had the opportunity to meet some of you in person and it's been AMAZING. I've been a happy and smiley girl lately haha! I love this community so much. Thank you! Michelle x Aurate Tranquility Collection Code 'MEESH30' for 30% off (no min. spend) Aurate's fine jewelry: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍michellechoii Little Puffy: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍littlepuffy My Amazon favorites: 🤍 Click to subscribe to the channel! 🤍 Music by Epidemic Sound. Free 30 day trial through this link: 🤍 - about me - Hi there! My name is Michelle and I'm based in NYC! On my channel you'll see videos about Korean beauty, skincare routines, vlogs, get ready with me, Q&A's, and etc. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy! email: michellechoi🤍 FTC- This video is not sponsored. Some links are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if anyone decides to purchase through them. Thank you so much for your support!

Dierks Bentley - Living (Official Music Video)


"Living” appears on Dierks Bentley’s new album The Mountain, available now. Listen and download at 🤍 Purchase Dierks Bentley’s latest music: 🤍 Stream the latest from Dierks Bentley: 🤍 Playlist Best of Dierks Bentley: 🤍 Subscribe for more: 🤍 Sign up to receive email updates from Dierks Bentley: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Music video by Dierks Bentley performing Living. © 2019 Dierks Bentley, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. 🤍

Living With Nearly 100% Inflation


As inflation in Argentina soared close to 100% in 2022, a 30 year high, people are doing whatever it takes to survive. Some barter online for pantry staples, and others ditch the peso to shield the value of their savings. Help keep VICE News’ fearless reporting free for millions by making a one-time or ongoing contribution here. - 🤍 Subscribe to VICE News here: 🤍 Check out VICE News for more: 🤍 Follow VICE News here: TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 More videos from the VICE network: 🤍 Follow VICE World News here: TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #VICENews #News

14 Years Living Off-Grid in a Self-Built Cabin & Farming Tons of Food on the Land


Stephanie and Joel share their 14-year journey of building a home from reclaimed materials, living off-grid with solar power, and growing a lot of their own food, from fruits and veggies to milk, meat, and honey. They built their home on shared land using materials they salvaged from the dump, wood from a building they took apart themselves, and whatever free stuff they could get their hands on. They had no electricity in the beginning so they only had candles. Eventually, they got a solar panel and a battery to run lights, and the systems have evolved from there. They now have a wood cookstove for heat and cooking in the winter, 5 solar panels and 4 lithium batteries for electricity (plus a generator to supplement on cloudy days), a washing machine, a propane fridge and stove for summertime cooking, and a thermostat controlled propane stove so they don't have to get up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire. For water they have a quarry on the land which they draw from to fill a reservoir in their loft. From there, the water is gravity fed into the kitchen and bathroom. Their drinking water comes from a well on the property. The toilet is an Airhead urine diverting toilet. The cabin has a master bedroom in the loft and a main-floor bedroom that's split into two sleeping spaces for their kids. They have an open-concept kitchen, dining and living room area, and the bathroom is closed in with a beautiful bottle wall. There's also a sunroom they recently added to the front of the house to bring in natural light, passive solar heating, and to grow food in the winter (with the help of LED grow lights). For work, Joel owns a tree service business, and Stephanie runs an off-grid Airbnb business. You can check out the awesome Pickalotta off-grid cabin here: 🤍 Thanks for watching! - STAY IN TOUCH! - Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 - COMMENTS - We want our channel and our comments section to be an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome to watch and contribute. For this reason, comments that are inappropriate or hateful will be reported and/or deleted. Please discuss and debate with respect, and report inappropriate or hateful comments directly to YouTube. - CREDITS - Music & Song Credits: All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Exploring Alternatives. Editing Credits: Exploring Alternatives Filming Credits: Exploring Alternatives Build photos provided by Joel and Stephanie from Chickadilly Farm #offgrid #offgridliving #offgridhomestead

Living - Inagotable (Videoclip Oficial)


En esta canción, celebramos el inagotable amor de Dios como la fuente de todo poder y como el agua que puede saciar la sed del mundo. Suscríbete a nuestro canal: 🤍 Síguenos en: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Escúchanos también en: Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Amazon Music: 🤍 Otros vídeos: Inagotable: 🤍 La sombra de tus alas Feat. Un Corazón: 🤍 _ Producción de vídeo: 6609 Films Dirección y edición: Equipo Living Room Inagotable Música y letra: Carlos Fraija, Lucas Consuegra y Jorge Andrés Sánchez Al pensar lo que has hecho en mí, cuán profundo tú me amaste, sin dudar Me escogiste a mí, por mi nombre me llamaste Pre-coro Dame de beber Coro De tu amor, la fuente de todo poder el agua que sacia mi sed, tu inagotable amor, tu amor Nunca podré imaginar el ancho y la profundidad de tu inagotable amor Tu lugar es ahora en mí Al creerte me haces fuerte Como él es soy yo ahora aquí Mis temores desvanecen A aquel que tiene el poder, la gloria sea a él, la gloria sea a él ©2018 CanZion. Living - Inagotable (Videoclip Oficial) Living - Inagotable (Videoclip Oficial) Living - Inagotable (Videoclip Oficial) #Living #CanZion #Inagotable

Living Alone in the Wild Siberian Forest for 20 years (-71°C, -96°F) Yakutia


This is a story of Samuil. For the past 20 years, Samuil has chosen to live far away from civilization, together with bears and wolves, in one of the harshest environments on Earth. ❄️ Check out my website 🤍 where I share some personal stories of Yakutia 🥶 If you want to buy locally hand-made crafts from Yakutia, you can order it here: 🤍 📩 For business inquiries: pr.kiunb🤍 😇 Support us on: Patreon: 🤍 📸 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 💙 Thank you for watching and subscribe for my next videos!

The Truth About Off-Grid Living (everyone else is lying to you)


Get Surfshark VPN at 🤍 - Enter promo code VANWIVES for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! What is the truth about off-grid living? According to Google, it's living without the reliance of one or more public utilities. But the truth is much harder than that, and we discuss the biggest obstacle (and a totally unexpected one) at the end of this video. It's truly one of those things you can't fully appreciate until you've been there, but we're doing our best to share our knowledge and experience with you! And speaking of, this week we dealt with the reality of solar panels in the snowlots of scraping! Not just our panels, but our walkway with our snow plow, which had a flat tire. You too can have fun surprises like this when living off the grid! We took our ATVs 4km (2.5 miles) down to pick up our Amazon packages, and had to get some supplies just in time for some real winter weather. Thankfully our propane stove still works when we have reduced solar charging due to snow. Were you expecting the reveal at the end of the video? What do you think would be most challenging about living off the grid? Comment below! 👉 Check out these other great vlogs!! 👇 🤍AmbitionStrikes Fixing PROBLEMS With Our Off-Grid Solar 🤍 🤍Dualex_Builds I Transformed a Work Van into a Mobile Home | Full Build Start to Finish 🤍 🤍KaraandNate WE LIVED IN A $650,000 EARTHROAMER (full tour) 🤍 🤍XanderBudnick 3 Days Solo Survival with No Food and Basic Gear 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join the Patreon Pack HERE! 🤍 Instagram: 🤍vanwives 🤍 Jaz - IG 🤍 Crystal - IG 🤍 TikTok: 🤍vanwives 🤍 Twitter: 🤍vanwives 🤍 ✉ MAIL ✉ Crystal Drinkwalter Post Office Box 364 Bridgewater PO Main Nova Scotia B4V2W9 Canada Business Inquiries vanwives🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Journey! How did we get here? In the winter of 2019 we moved in to our self built van full time to begin living, working and travelling Canada. We quickly fell in love with chasing our dreams of adventuring off the beaten path, living off grid and being self sustaining. We drove our van thousands of miles through various countries-Canada, USA, Mexico & Guatemala. All of which we documented here on our channel, be sure to check that out! After many years on the open road we found ourselves 15 acres of remote woods on the East Coast of Canada where we are building a homestead and renovating our fully off the grid cabin. We are diving into this chapter of our lives in no experience, we're so happy we can bring you all along as we learn to do it all with our own two hands. Thank you for being here with us for cabin life, van life and all the in between! NEW VIDEO EVERY SUNDAY 9:30​​​​​​​​ EST 🌞 3+ Years of Van life with 2 dogs Off- Grid Living at our Cabin in the woods MUSIC: Brought to you by Music Bed- Elevate your films & projects with better music 🤍 Musicbed SyncID: MB01QAXWPOF9GGI MUSIC: Brought to you by Music Bed- Elevate your films & projects with better music 🤍 #vanlife​​​ #offgrid #cabinlife

Arctic Homestead: 10 years living off the Alaskan wilderness


Jenna and David Jonas have spent most of their lives living off the land. At 17, David built a cabin in the woods of Vermont without power tools and lived there for two years, learning to track animals, identify trees, plants and birds, and to navigate. He’d paddled thousands of miles in hand-built birch bark canoes and lived for months off wild foods alone when he met his neighbor Jenna (she lived across the creek from his cabin in a “treehouse” dwelling), who’d been exploring the interior of Alaska for few years by boat, ski, dogsled, bike, and foot. In 2012, they found an ad on Craigslist for private land surrounded by state forest on a bluff above the Tanana River. They saw the potential for year-round food sources and bought the raw land, first living in a wall-tent. After two years on the land, they spent 3 weeks building a more permanent earthlodge: digging deep into the hill to take advantage of the relative warmth of the earth, using plentiful spruce trunks to line the home, covering it in sod for insulation and facing it due south for passive solar gain. Two years later, they began building a traditional log cabin using hand tools (such as a gin pole for a crane). It took them 3 years to complete (building only before freeze-up), but was ready in time for the arrival of their daughter. The couple hunt, forage or grow most all of their food. They built a smokehouse to cure the meat and fish, and an underground root cellar to preserve their produce and potatoes throughout the year. In 2014, they began to share their experience with others, using their experience as wilderness guides, they offer stays in their original earthlodge (the Sun Lodge) or in traditional handmade canvas wall tents for days of dog sledding, aurora viewing, winter camping, ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and crafting (making your own wooden spoons). Their goal is to offer guests at their hand-built wilderness homestead “a deeper, more authentic experience of Alaska, one that is not centered solely on sublime landscapes and plastic accouterments, but rather the real products, people, and lifeways that make our lives in the north rich and meaningful.” Alaska Homestead Adventures 🤍 Drone footage: Jeff Sousa 🤍 On *faircompanies: 🤍

The Dark Side of Living in The Netherlands


What are the downsides of living in the Netherlands? There is a wide variety of advantages that come along with relocating to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a country that has a lot to offer everybody, whether they are searching for a higher standard of life, more work prospects, or a location to live that is cheaper. Let's not sugarcoat things and have an honest conversation about some of the challenges you could face if you decide to relocate to the Netherlands. 1. It’s an expensive country The Netherlands is well-known for having some of the highest tax rates in the world, and almost everything is subject to taxation. The income tax is particularly high in contrast to those of other countries in Europe. You could also discover that the prices of electronic goods are higher in the Netherlands (here's a pro tip: shop on the German Amazon), and that the prices of some foods are also a little bit more. On the other hand, it is possible to acquire some excellent prices if you have learned how to shop and where to shop. The relationship between supply and demand is to blame for the typically high cost of rent throughout the whole of the United States. Jobs, in general, pay very well here; yet, in the end, it all comes down to how you look at it. 2. You have to learn a new language Even though most Dutch people are aware of this fact, conversational English is not sufficient. You are going to need to educate yourself in Dutch since the majority of the labels, notices, goods, and parcels are all in Dutch. You are going to have to utilize Google Translate whenever you go to public locations like the grocery or railway stations until you master the local language. It is well known that the service sector in the Netherlands is notorious for being less helpful and more difficult to navigate than in other nations. Even if someone has been downright impolite to us extremely seldom, the Dutch aren't exactly famed for their ability to provide good customer service. You are either going to have to wait an eternity to speak to the manager, you are going to be in a line of 25 people on the phone, or you are going to have to wait weeks for a response to an email. Not to mention the level of frustration that a good number of individuals experience whenever they are confronted with tasks such as receiving mail or shipments. 3. Accommodation Insane housing shortages are plaguing the Netherlands at the moment. As a result, it is essential to do apartment hunting in advance of relocating to this location for permanent residence. There are both furnished and unfurnished apartments available to choose. The furnished homes come with very huge rent prices. When you rent a property that isn't equipped, you may think you're getting a good deal, but in reality, you have to buy everything, even rugs and appliances that are necessary. In addition, property owners are reaping the benefits of the housing shortage by charging their renters unreasonable prices. Due to the unfortunate state of affairs in the housing market in the Netherlands, it is essential that you begin your search for a new place to call home at the earliest possible date. Bear in mind that there are no assurances that you will locate a location right away; yet, you should not give up hope! If you want to live in Amsterdam or one of the other cities in the Randstad, you need be extremely patient in your hunt for a new house, and you should prepare for a little bit of more wiggle space in your budget. Subscribe to my Channel: Website: 🤍 ✅ For business inquiries, contact me at olumayowaonline🤍 Support my channel- Bitcoin: 3AUhicWAZ2WhsuajJaY2MhBQustFx18hQn Paypal: olumayowaonline🤍 Try Tubebuddy for free: 🤍 IMPORTANT INFORMATION This video contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. If you have any issue with the photos used in my channel or you find something that belongs to you before you claim it to youtube, please SEND ME A MESSAGE and I will DELETE it immediately. Thanks for understanding. #netherlands

tiny living room makeover in my antique dollhouse


Antique dollhouse renovation.. today we makeover the living room! The bathroom makeover if you missed it: 🤍 ❁ SOCIAL MEDIA ❁ ❁ TikTok: 🤍 ❁ Instagram: 🤍 Thank you so much for watching! LOVE Mia #dollhouse #diy #miniature

LIVING - Más De Lo Que Soñé (Videoclip Oficial)


LIVING - Más De Lo Que Soñé (Videoclip Oficial) Suscríbete a nuestro canal: 🤍 Síguenos en: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Escúchanos también en: Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Amazon Music: 🤍 Otros vídeos: Inagotable: 🤍 La sombra de tus alas Feat. Un Corazón: 🤍 _ Letra: MÁS DE LO QUE SOÑÉ VERSO 1 Río en la sequedad Paz en la adversidad Fuerza en debilidad El cielo es mi realidad VERSO 2 Sangre por libertad heridas por sanidad gracia en la iniquidad justicia por mi maldad PRE CORO Poderoso Invencible Deslumbrante No tienes igual Bondadoso Generoso Desbordante No tienes igual CORO De mi pecado no tienes memoria Cambiaste mi nombre Reescribes mi historia En tus promesas seguro caminaré Eres más de lo que soñé PUENTE Tuya es toda gloria El poder y honra ©2020 CanZion LIVING - Más De Lo Que Soñé (Videoclip Oficial) LIVING - Más De Lo Que Soñé (Videoclip Oficial) LIVING - Más De Lo Que Soñé (Videoclip Oficial) #Living #MásDeLoQueSoñé

Living on Minimum Wage in NYC 2023 | New York Stories


New York Stories Episode 1 - Artist Living on $22,000 per year in NYC. In the first episode of my new series we follow the life of JR, an artist living in Hells Kitchen in a rent stabilized micro NYC studio apartment on minimum wage. He speaks about living cheap on a budget in New York City and offers advice to those looking to follow in his footsteps. Follow JR: 🤍 Do you have a unique New York Story? email to be featured partnerships🤍 Shop my essentials: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON TIKTOK: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Filmed, edited and produced by EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC 2023 #nyc #newyork 0:00 - 4:12 - Apartment Tour / Cost of Living 4:12 - 4:49 - What he does to earn a living 4:49 - 5:36 - Bedroom / Shared Bathroom 5:36- 7:53 - Why live in NYC

LIVING - Mil Veces (En vivo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina)


LIVING - Mil Veces (En vivo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina) Suscríbete a nuestro canal: 🤍 Síguenos en: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Escúchanos también en: Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Amazon Music: 🤍 YouTube Music: 🤍 Otros vídeos: Suerte Divina ☘️ 🤍 Mi Destino (Videoclip Oficial) 🤍 Tu Buena Parte (Himno + Espontáneo) Videoclip Oficial 🤍 aquí, amén. (Selah): 🤍 _ ©2022 CanZion #Living #MilVeces #MusicaCristiana

Living Homeless in the Desert


LA County's housing crisis has gotten so severe that hundreds of people have felt they have no choice but to make camp in unincorporated areas of the Mojave Desert, where they will not be subject to police encounters. Help keep VICE News’ fearless reporting free for millions by making a one-time or ongoing contribution here. - 🤍 Subscribe to VICE News here: 🤍 Check out VICE News for more: 🤍 Follow VICE News here: TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 More videos from the VICE network: 🤍 Follow VICE World News here: TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #VICENews #News

23 Living Room Decorating Ideas of All Time | Home Decorating Ideas | Joanna Gaines New House


How can I beautify my living room? How can I decorate my living room 2023? How to decorate living room with simple things? How can I decorate my living room like a professional? These living room ideas offer classic and smart, contemporary and cozy, colorful and natural decor options – plus a ton of advice. Whatever the living room ideas you're searching for – whether elegant, classic or contemporary, we have wonderful decor schemes to suit your home's style and your color preferences. Plus, we have included a ton of added-value design advice, too. So whether your living room decor is expansive, open-plan, a shared home office space or on the compact side, there are looks to suit. Plus, of course, we have catered to a wide variety of styles, color preferences, and budgets, and, as ever, there are ideas you can adopt quickly – and whole-renovation inspiration. These are our favorite living room ideas and we've added in-depth advice from well-known designers and our own team of experts, too, so that you know how to design a living room with aplomb. We have found that as we’ve all been spending more time in our homes, there has been a really exciting shift in how experimental we’re being with living room paint ideas and our customers are increasingly focusing their living room scheme on a tone that they want to immerse themselves in. One such trend is head-to-toe color – painting the walls, woodwork and even the ceiling one color for a welcoming, immersive room with a modern edge. We’d always recommend really thinking about how that color will interplay with the light in your room and trying samples first to make sure you love it. A full immersion of color, with one stunning shade for all walls and woodwork, can bring interest into the room without overwhelming the eye; mid-tone colors work particularly well for this. The style also complements strong architectural features in a fresh and modern way’ - great for living room ceiling ideas. Another fabulous living room idea that we’re starting to see appearing is to match your walls to your furniture. We all strive for cohesive interiors when planning our décor and color choices are core to creating the mood and theme for your home. When looking to match your walls to your furniture or vice versa, the question is to match or to contrast as each will produce a different style. If you love a color and are wedded to the idea of mirroring it throughout the space, whether it be a dusty rose sofa on pink walls or green wallpaper to match an olive sofa – matching color on color is a fun, considered way to stamp your personality and style into the space. We recommend breaking up the upholstery and wall color with textural touches via accent pieces and accessories: think woods, brass, woven finishes and greenery, to keep the end-look balanced and welcoming. For a thoroughly modern feel – in a period property – choose a couple of shades of the same color and use them in various spots in the living room. Consider painting the ceiling too, it’s been a big trend recently that we feel will carry on for a good year or so. If you’ve decided to keep your walls neutral or white, but still fancy a splash of color then consider choosing accent colors to boost interest. It’s a fabulous way to incorporate a shade you love and you can go all out with patterns too – it needn’t be all about plains. This minimalist living room idea is brought to life with a fabulously vibrant twist on traditional chintz – perfect country living room ideas when you want a more contemporary feel.

A new winter of discontent? UK sees mass strike action amid cost-of-living crisis • FRANCE 24


The United Kingdom is experiencing a wave of strikes on a scale not seen since the 1980s under then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. With double-digit inflation, the spiralling cost-of-living crisis means that those on stagnating and low salaries, especially public sector workers, are struggling to make ends meet. This Wednesday, half a million people are expected to go on strike, from teachers to civil servants to train drivers. FRANCE 24's Clovis Casali and Julien Sauvaget report. #UK #strike #crisis 🔔 Subscribe to France 24 now: 🤍 🔴 LIVE - Watch FRANCE 24 English 24/7 here: 🤍 🌍 Read the latest International News and Top Stories: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Discover the news in pictures on Instagram: 🤍

linh's epic apartment makeover & tour ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾⋆⁺₊⋆ living alone + lofting with linh


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Best Living Room Design Ideas | Top 6


Here are a few of our favorite living rooms featured on Homeworthy in 2022. From grand millennial to modern interior designs, these houses and apartments from across the country capture the charm of living room decor. Thanks for watching so many of our episodes in 2022, and we look forward to many more home tours ahead in 2023!



10 COMMON LIVING ROOM DESIGN MISTAKES + HOW TO FIX THEM Interior Designer: Kristen McGowan Are you making these common interior design mistakes in your living room?! In this video, I go over the top living room interior design mistakes that I've seen and how to fix them! Going over how to decorate, style, plan, and complete your space to look it’s best! I hope this gives you some ideas to make your home look it’s best and gives you the motivation and inspiration to fix your design mistakes! Let me know in the comment if you have ever/are making these design mistake in your home! #interiordesign #homedecor - SHOP MY MUST HAVES ON MY AMAZON STOREFRONT - ▶ 🤍 - LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO MY PODCAST BELOW - ▶ Chris & Kris Podcast 🤍chrisandkris : 🤍 - Shop My Living Room - Sofa: 🤍 Boucle chairs: 🤍 Olive tree: 🤍 Coffee Table: 🤍 Ottomans: 🤍 Etsy prints: 🤍 Canvas art: 🤍 8x10 Rosemarie Rug: 🤍 9x12 Jute rug: 🤍 Rug tape: 🤍 H&M vase: 🤍 Curtains 50x96 (oatmeal): 🤍 Curtains 100x96 (oatmeal): 🤍 IKEA Vidga track system: 🤍 Puck lights: 🤍 Black IKEA Knobs: 🤍 Coffee table book: 🤍 Sage Lumbar Pillow: 🤍 Velvet sage pillow: 🤍 Table lamp: 🤍 Narrow console table: 🤍 Decorative beads: 🤍 Ribba Frame: 🤍 Octagon Wood Coasters: 🤍 Square Wood coasters: 🤍 - R O O M M A K E O V E R S - MY GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER: 🤍 MY LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER: 🤍 NEW BREAKFAST NOOK MAKEOVER: 🤍 CLOSET BAR MAKEOVER: 🤍 DIY ENTRYWAY MAKEOVER: 🤍 LOUNGE ROOM MAKEOVER: 🤍 BATHROOM MAKEOVER: 🤍 DINING ROOM MAKEOVER: 🤍 SMALL BATHROOM (POWDER ROOM MAKEOVER): 🤍 - F O L L O W M E - Kristen McGowan: Designer, Bachelors degree in Interior Design from Sheridan College ▶INSTAGRAM: 🤍kristenmcgowan 🤍 ▶TIKTOK: kristenmcowan 🤍 ▶TWITTER: 🤍kristenmcgowann ▶SNAPCHAT: kristenmcgowan ▶BLOG: 🤍 ▶BUSINESS INQUIRIES: digitmgmt🤍

Living Hope


Life.Church Worship

My NEW Ultimate Living Room TV - Sony X95K MINI LED TV!


Sony Bravia XR X95K Mini LED TV - 🤍 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE - 🤍 Follow me on INSTAGRAM - 🤍 My YouTube Business Course - 🤍 Check out our Website - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 Comment "mini led" if you see this! Thanks to Sony for sponsoring this video. BUSINESS INQUIRIES - Justin🤍 Intro - 0:00 Sony Bravia XR X95K Image Quality - 1:51 HDMI 2.1 - 3:06 Viewing Angles - 3:27 Google TV - 3:55 Acoustic Multi Audio - 5:54 Overall Impressions - 6:36 My NEW Living Room Design Update - 7:36 Outdo - 11:08

Living in NEW YORK CITY - What is it REALLY like?!


What is it like to live in New York in 2021? How much does it cost to live in New York? Is it NYC Safe? This video answers ALL your questions and more. Visit 🤍 to check out SimpliSafe’s award-winning home security that keeps your home safe while on the go! It’s really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Get my FREE 1-Hour Content Creator Training HERE and see Lost Creator Academy for yourself: 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook Lost LeBlanc Twitter Lost LeBlanc All Music Music Used in this Video comes from HERE: 🤍 (The Best Copyright Free Music - Try it Free!) Where I get Copyright Free footage to help tell better cinematic stories: 🤍

Off Grid Living is a LIE


So much "off Grid" content you see is hard to believe.....while I cant tell you whats real and whats not on the internet, I can show you what it looked like for my wife Brooke and I to get started on this journey of off grid living.....the pretty stuff and the ugly. Thanks to my wife Brooke for 95% of the photos that are in this video. Check out her channel "girl in the woods". 🤍



One year ago I moved to the Netherlands. 🇳🇱 And moving abroad: it’s a big exciting step, but, it can also be scary! You feel that the new country is where you were meant to be, but some days throw you totally out of place. Since the time I have been here, I have learned a lot about the culture, people, food, and the Netherlands itself. I will share with you 7 things you should know before moving to the Netherlands! 🌷 00:00 how I ended up in the Netherlands 01:44 glimpse of the Netherlands 02:25 Dutch language 05:23 Dutch people 08:10 job situation in the Netherlands 09:42 housing situation in the Netherlands 11:43 bicycles (everywhere) 12:47 Dutch weather 13:45 Dutch "cuisine" 16:00 thanks for watching! #livinginthenetherlands #movingabroad #dutchculture - - 💛 WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO! - • THUMBS UP if you liked this video & want to help YouTube take notice of us 👍🏼 • SUBSCRIBE to our channel to help us keep creating videos 🤍 • INSTAGRAM say hi and follow our daily adventures! 🤍 - 🔥 LEARN TO CREATE VIDEOS LIKE A PRO! - • Adi is an online videography teacher. So you can learn how to create amazing videos yourself! Try it out here: 🤍 - 📸 GEAR WE RECOMMEND - • Main video camera 🤍 • Main photo camera 🤍 • Check out all of the gear we LOVE here: 🤍 - 📮 SAY HELLO - • Any business inquiries? Get in contact at hello🤍 • We also work as freelance videographers and photographers! Can we create something for you? We hope you enjoy our videos! Please leave any tips, ideas, or questions in the comments below. 😄 Lots of love, Adi & Myra

Does Brexit matter in the Cost of Living Crisis?


"Cost of living specifically, which remains for many people the most important issue before." Cost of living is the major concern amongst most people as the IMF says the UK will be worst performing in the G7, says Joe Twyman from Detlapoll - Times Radio brings you the latest breaking news, expert analysis and well-informed discussion on the biggest stories of the day. 📻 Listen now - 🤍 Follow Times Radio on social: 🔵 Facebook 🤍 🔵 Twitter 🤍 🔵 Instagram 🤍 Subscribe here: 🤍

Military Family Escape A Life Of Mortgage Debt By Building A Tiny House


This military family have built an incredible tiny house to call home! One of the challenges of being in the military is the probability of being relocated. Needing to pack up all of your belongings and find a new home in a new city can be a challenge, but what if you could just take your home with you? That's exactly what Russel and Sarah decided to do, when they repurposed their deposit for a conventional home and instead chose a mortgage and debt free life for their family in a tiny house on wheels. This home has been cleverly designed to give each family member their own space while functioning as a comfortable and welcoming family home. Now parked up on a property right across from the air force base, Russel only has to jump over the fence to get to work. We hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful family tiny home. If you enjoy our show, please consider supporting us on Patreon: 🤍 Find out more about this tiny house and others on our website: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Please subscribe for more videos on tiny houses, architecture, DIY, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Title music in this video by Bryce Langston: 🤍 Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston Editing: Rasa Pescud 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2022 Zyia Pictures Ltd #tinyhouse #architecture #military

Fight For Graceland: Elvis Presley’s Ex-Wife Disputes Lisa Marie’s Living Trust


Priscilla Presley, the 77-year-old ex-wife of rock icon Elvis Presley, filed a petition against the estate of her late daughter Lisa Marie, who died suddenly on January 12. The Law&Crime Daily team has the latest in the fight for Graceland. L&C Daily Hosted By: Brian Buckmire: 🤍 Terri Austin: 🤍 Jesse Weber: 🤍 Producers: Savannah Williamson Heather Berzak: 🤍 #ElvisPresley #Graceland #LawandCrime STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH THE LAW&CRIME NETWORK: Watch Law&Crime Network on YouTubeTV: 🤍 Where To Watch Law&Crime Network: 🤍 Sign Up For Law&Crime's Daily Newsletter: 🤍 Read Fascinating Articles From Law&Crime Network: 🤍 LAW&CRIME NETWORK SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 LAW&CRIME NETWORK PODCASTS: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OF LAW&CRIME NETWORK YOUTUBE CHANNELS: Main Channel: 🤍 Law&Crime Shorts: 🤍 Channel B: 🤍 Channel C: 🤍

Bakermat - Living (Audio) ft. Alex Clare


Music video by Bakermat performing Living. (C) 2016 B1 Recordings GmbH, a Sony Music Entertainment company under exclusive license from Be Yourself Catalogue B.V. 🤍

Gentle Fun Habits for Intentional High Living


Tap my link 🤍 to get a 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D3K2 & 5 travel packs FREE with your first purchase! Get the reminder deck! 33 reminders to ignite the spirit and rejuvenate the mind available at 🤍 Join the community! free discord group 🤍 Check out my skillshare course on content creation 🤍 DAILY PODCAST mon-fri Available on All Streaming Platforms! Links below Spotify Podcast 🤍 Apple Podcast 🤍 Google Podcast 🤍 Follow me on Social Media Instagram : 🤍 Tik Tok : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Good habits and intentional living are key in life. Get on board with the trend and join us on our channel for videos on self-care, productivity, mindfulness, goal-setting, and more. We'll provide you with tips, tricks, and strategies to help you establish good habits, live with intention, and reach your full potential. personal development, life hacks, positive thinking, and self-improvement

Inside the colourful home of Max Hurd | Living with Style


Creative consultant Max Hurd had just one requirement when looking for his northwest London end-of-terrace: it needed to have space for the enormous painting from his childhood in Brazil that now stretches from the front door, all the way along the hall to the kitchen, where more recent memories line the walls. A portrait of his beloved Ivana, a recently deceased chihuahua who helped him “accept his queer identity”, takes pride of place, while artworks by his friends and photographs fill the back wall. You won’t easily find anything practical here. Fairy-sized cocktail glasses and porcelain ladies of leisure with cocktail umbrellas are given preference over the hidden-from-view kettle and toaster so that everything on show is “pretty but pointless”, the mantra Max says sums up the house he shares with his male-model housemate. Watch the video to visit the theatrical orange bedroom (the “most comfortable colour” for his eyes) and the loft room, originally pegged as a “sex room” but now used for after-dinner martinis and board games. Director: Jacopo Cinti Dop: Tom Bryan Creative video producer: Sarah Barnes Commissioning video editor: Josh Arnold Camera assistant: Ferran Guillén I Pons Sound tech: Alessandra Fasto Camera trainee: Harry Grunfeld Edit: Joseph Bolger at Stitch/Homespun Grade: Rascal Post Watch now… Katy Perry on Orlando Bloom, pregnancy and her party trick: 🤍 Emilia Clarke’s beauty routine: her eyebrow rule, tattoos and ‘badass’ products 🤍 RuPaul's UK winner The Vivienne plays Finish the Sentence 🤍 Paris Hilton on sliving, fashion fails and taking the perfect selfie 🤍 Pharrell Williams on staying young, self-care and Humanrace 🤍 ABOUT THE SUNDAY TIMES STYLE The Sunday Times Style offers a weekly edit of fashion and beauty, celebrity interviews and new writing with an irreverent take on the zeitgeist, including regular columns from the UK’s best-loved writers, Dolly Alderton and India Knight. Subscribe to this video channel for stylish, practical and fun original series for the modern woman.

LIVING - A Casa (Videoclip Oficial)


LIVING - A Casa (Videoclip Oficial) Suscríbete a nuestro canal: 🤍 Síguenos en: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Escúchanos también en: Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Amazon Music: 🤍 Otros vídeos: Inagotable: 🤍 La sombra de tus alas Feat. Un Corazón: 🤍 _ Letra: A Casa VERSE 1 Sé que fallé Sé que olvidé La luz de tu palabra Y el rumbo de mi alma VERSE 2 Lejos vagué Lejos sin ti Perdido me encontraba La culpa me nublaba PRE-CHORUS Pero tu amor No se rindió Tu gracia me buscaba Y a casa me llevó CHORUS Conmigo está Tu amor Nunca se va Nunca lo hará Nunca me falla Conmigo está Tu amor Nunca se va Nunca lo hará No me abandonará VAMP Nunca VERSO 3 Estoy aquí Frente a ti Tomado de tu mano Cantando tu perdón BRIDGE El que cree en ti vivirá Tú das vida al que muerto está Con poder me levantarás Ya el pasado no me puede atar En ti está mi libertad REPEAT BRIDGE 2 Me perdonaste Me redimiste Eres mi salvación Eres mi redentor Tú me salvaste Tú me compraste Me diste dirección Hoy canto esta canción REPEAT ©2020 CanZion LIVING - A Casa (Videoclip Oficial) LIVING - A Casa (Videoclip Oficial) LIVING - A Casa (Videoclip Oficial) #Living #CanZion #ACasa

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